The Rolling Stones - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!

It was only three short years since the Stones toured the States in 1969, but it may have well been thirty. No more screaming crowds or 30 minute sets as was the standard in 1966. Audiences could now hear the music being played and they were listening. The 1969 tour was triumphant return to live performance with a band again capable of touring. What could be more fitting a tribute than a live record to "document" the Rolling Stones claim as the "Greatest Rock n' Roll Band in the World". It has been written that "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!" (GYYYO) was released to counter sales of the bootleg LP "Liver Than You'll Ever Be", but the audio and video taping of several East Coast shows was certainly a premeditated event destine to permanently set the record straight. "Ya-Ya's" continues to this day, in the opinion of many, to be the ultimate expression of a live recording of a Rolling Stones performance.

The December 28, 1969, issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine reported on the Madison Square Garden (MSG) performances as follows:

"The band got better and better the more they performed. That was clear to anyone who heard them on the West Coast, in San Francisco or Los Angeles, and then, later, in New York or West Palm Beach. It was clear to Mick, who noted: 'Compared to the way we sounded later along, we were terrible in San Francisco. Ragged. By the time we were in Detroit, I'd say, it was like a one hundred percent improvement.'"

One of the first audience recordings of the November, 1969, Madison Square Garden shows surfaced on an LP titled "Stoned-M.S.G.". I first saw a picture of the recording in a special edition magazine put out by "Rolling Stone" that featured Stones articles from October 12, 1968 to January 30, 1975. There was a special discography at the end of the book which gave me my first exposure to bootlegs. I'd never seen such record covers, song lists, or album titles before. I went over to a nearby town where I figured I could find such contraband and I did! Rows and rows of "Great White Wonders" (all the record jackets were white in those days) at $3.00 a pop! If I knew then what I know now... I still remember the ultra rare titles that I sifted through that day and never saw again, but it was a time when I was only interested in the song titles on the records. I left with a copy of my first unauthorized recording: "Bedspring Symphony".


(102 - A/B)

Head Records

"Stoned-M.S.G." provided the earliest look at the level of overdubbing that took place on "Ya-Ya's". There are at least two variations of the disc; one with a plain white jacket, and the other with a dark (TMoQ) green jacket. It represents only one of the New York shows though, so it only provides one of several puzzle pieces. The track listing for the disc is:

Side 1: Jumpin' Jack Flash/Carol/Sympathy for the Devil/Under My Thumb-I'mFree (medley)

Side 2: Midnight Rambler/Love In Vain/Satisfaction/Honky Tonk Women

The cover insert is a publicity shot of the Stones at Hyde Park 1969. There are several mistakes in the track listing on the cover. It is the November 27, 1969 performance at MSG. This date and the 28th of November are listed on the cover of GYYYO as sources of the official recording. "Stoned-M.S.G." is a very good recording for the time, and I would go as far as to say that it is the work of the infamous Trade Mark of Quality (TMoQ), under one their many aliases. There is virtually no audience noise which leads me to believe that it was recorded with the same "shotgun" microphone that was used by TMoQ for the West Coast shows. Several of these MSG tracks also surfaced on the TMoQ (smoking pig vintage) LP "Play With Fire" (2815-A/B) from the same tape source. The MSG 11/27/69 tracks are on Side 2:

Under My Thumb-I'm Free(medley)/Satisfaction/Honky Tonk Women

"Play With Fire"


Trade Mark of Quality

This disc was also reissued as "Who Killed Brian" on Psycho Productions /Dreamlab Records, which uses a copy of the "Reggae 'n' Roll" cover as its artwork. 100 numbered copies were made. The TMoQ matrix is scratched out and replaced with (HHCER108-A/B). This matrix is indicative of the TMoQ front label Highway Hi-Fi, but this doesn't seem to be the work of TMoQ.

"Who Killed Brian"


Dreamlab Records

Identifying the baseline of critical known audience and soundboard recordings will help to establish the reference points. These sources will provide some compelling objective evidence, and possibly shed new light on the mysteries that will remain.

The November 27, 1969, Performance at Madison Square Garden

The Set List:

Jumpin' Jack Flash/Carol/Sympathy for the Devil/Stray Cat Blues/Love In Vain/Prodigal Son/You Gotta Move/Under My Thumb-I'm Free(medley)/Midnight Rambler/Live With Me/Little Queenie/Satisfaction/Honky Tonk Women/Street Fighting Man

CD Sources:

"Stoned-M.S.G. 1969"


Vinyl Gang Product

Jumpin' Jack Flash 4:28/Carol 3:33/Sympathy for the Devil 7:52/Stray Cat Blues 4:04/Love In Vain 5:02/Prodical Son 2:48/You Gotta Move 2:27/Under My Thumb-I'm Free 6:40/Midnight Rambler 9:29/Live With Me 3:05/Little Queenie 4:12/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 6:03/Honky Tonk Women 3:14/Street Fighting Man 4:36

"It's No Hangin Matter"


Vinyl Gang Product

CD 2: Jumpin' Jack Flash 4:26/Carol 3:32/Sympathy For The Devil 7:50/Stray Cat Blues 4:03/Love In Vain 5:09/Prodigal Son 3:02/You Gotta Move 2:13/Under My Thumb - I'm Free 6:39/Midnight Rambler 9:30/Live With Me 3:10/Little Queenie 4:07/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 6:03/Honky Tonk Women 3:20/Street Fighting Man 4:28

"M.S.G. 69"

(HLRR 5010)

Hot Lips Records

Jumping Jack Flash 4:07/Carol 4:02/Sympathy For The Devil 7:57/Stray Cat Blues 3:57/Love In Vain 5:29/Prodigal Son 3:10/You Gotta Move 2:43/Under My Thumb 4:02/I'm Free 2:46/Midnight Rambler 9:30/Live With Me 3:32/Little Queenie 4:27/Satisfaction 5:40/Honky Tonk Women 3:58/Street Fighting Man 7:27

"Live In New York"


Idol Mind Productions

CD 1: Jumpin' Jack Flash 4:21/Carol 3:26/Sympathy For The Devil 7:41/Stray Cat Blues 3:57/Love In Vain 4:34/Prodigal Son 3:17/You Gotta Move 2:19/Under My Thumb-I'm Free 6:31/Midnight Rambler 8:39/Live With Me 3:43/Little Queenie 4:07/Satisfaction 5:55/Honky Tonk Women 3:10/Street Fighting Man 4:29

"New York City - The Big Apple - 1969"


Sister Morphine

Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, November 27, 1969

Sound Quality: Good to Very Good Audience

Concert Introduction_ 0:44/Jumping Jack Flash 3:42/Carol 3:31/Sympathy For The Devil 7:44/Stray Cat Blues 3:38/Love In Vain 5:17/Prodigal Son 3:20/You Gotta Move 2:22/Under My Thumb 3:36-I'm Free 3:05 (Medley)/Midnight Rambler 8:52/Live With Me 3:43/Little Queenie 4:12/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 5:40/Honky Tonk Women 3:32/Street Fighting Man 4:35

"Madison Square Garden New York- November 27, 1969"

(PEN 2002)

Penetration Records

Jumpin' Jack Flash 4:30/Carol 3:30/Sympathy For The Devil 7:51/Stray Cat Blues 3:56/Love In Vain 4:43/Prodigal Son/You Gotta Move 5:41/Under My Thumb 3:44/I'm Free 3:26/Midnight Rambler 8:42/Live With Me 3:09/Little Queenie 4:06/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 6:02/Honky Tonk Women 3:20/Street Fighting Man 4:01

The November 28, 1969 1st Show, Performance at Madison Square Garden

The Set List:

Documented set-lists are speculative. The audience tape is elusive at best.

CD Sources:

No LP or CD of the entire show has circulated.

Soundboard tracks from this show exist on several different titles:

"Time Trip" Vol. 4"


Gold Standard/Scorpio Records

Carol 4:02

"A Shot of Salvation"


Scorpio Records

Street Fighting Man 3:58

"Devil's Disciple"


Vinyl Gang Product

Little Queenie 4:08

The November 28, 1969 2nd Show, Performance at Madison Square Garden

The Set List:

Jumpin' Jack Flash/Carol/Sympathy for the Devil/Stray Cat Blues/Love In Vain/Prodigal Son/You Gotta Move/Under My Thumb/Midnight Rambler/Live With Me/Little Queenie/Satisfaction/Honky Tonk Women/Street Fighting Man

CD Source:

"Live In New York"


Idol Mind Productions

CD 2: Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:31/Carol 3:26/Sympathy For The Devil 7:45/Stray Cat Blues 3:19/Love In Vain 5:21/Prodigal Son 3:27/You Gotta Move 2:18/Under My Thumb 3:37/Midnight Rambler 9:00/Live With Me 2:52/Little Quennie 4:01/Satisfaction 6:13/Honky Tonk Women 2:56/Street Fighting Man 3:34

This is an "in-audience" recording, that will provide some interesting "markers" as we evaluate the music.

Civic Center, Baltimore, Maryland, November 26, 1969

The Set List:

Jumpin' Jack Flash/Carol/Sympathy for the Devil/Stray Cat Blues/Love In Vain/Prodigal Son/You Gotta Move/Under My Thumb/Midnight Rambler/Live With Me/Little Queenie/Satisfaction/Honky Tonk Women

Noticeably absent:

Street Fighting Man. Can't confirm it was played from any source audio or otherwise.

CD Sources:

"Baltimore 1969"

(DP 9305)

Digger Productions

Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:51/Carol 3:48/Sympathy For The Devil 10:52/Stray Cat Blues 4:03/Love In Vain 5:39/You Gotta Move 1:58/Under My Thumb-I'm Free 6:48/Midnight Rambler 8:52/Live With Me 3:54/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 6:01/Honky Tonk Women 3:13

"A Shot of Salvation"


Scorpio Records

Love In Vain 5:10

"Live In Washington 1969 & More" aka "Live In Baltimore 1969 & More"

(ML 9637)

Moonlight Records

Jumping Jack Flash 4:33/Carol 3:36/Sympathy For The Devil 10:37/Stray Cat Blues 3:55/Love In Vain 4:53

"Devil's Disciple"


Vinyl Gang Product

Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:55/Carol 3:38/Sympathy For The Devil 10:40/Stray Cat Blues 4:00/Love In Vain 5:26/You Gotta Move 2:00/Under My Thumb-I'm Free 7:05/Midnight Rambler 8:20/Live With Me 3:32/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 5:50/Honky Tonk Women 3:10

The "Gimme Shelter" Movie Sources

LP Sources:

"Gimme Shelter"

(RS 550-A/B/C/D)

Trade Mark of Quality

Comment: Deluxe printed cover version.

"The Breakfast Show"


Stereo Master

Side 1: Jumpin' Jack Flash/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/You Gotta Move/Wild Horses
Side 2: Brown Sugar/Love In Vain/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Honky Tonk Women
Side 3: Six Days On The Road (The Flying Burrito Brothers)/The Other Side Of This Life (Jefferson Airplane)
Side 4: Sympathy For The Devil I & II/Under My Thumb/Street Fighting Man (Reprise)/Gimme Shelter

Comment: Gimme Shelter Movie soundtrack.

"Some Satanic Tour '69"

(RSSST 1969-A/B)

Side 1: Jumpin' Jack Flash/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction/You Gotta Move/Wild Horses/Brown Sugar/Love In Vain/Honky Tonk Women
Side 2: Street Fighting Man/Sympathy For The Devil I/Sympathy For The Devil II/Under My Thumb/Street Fighting Man (Reprise)/Gimme Shelter

Comment: Gimme Shelter Movie soundtrack excerpts. LP is on clear vinyl.

CD Sources:

"There's No Angel Born In Hell..."


The Swingin' Pig

Jumpin' Jack Flash 4:34/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 5:42/Love In Vain 4:08/Honky Tonk Woman 4:18

"Sympathy for the Devil"


On Stage

Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:30/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 5:25/Love In Vain 4:06/Honky Tonk Woman 3:16 /Sympathy For The Devil 6:10/Under My Thumb 3:45/Gimme Shelter 2:07

"Rock and Roll Circus"

(LLR CD 036 01)

Living Legend

Rock 'n' Roll Circus December, 1968

Introduction To Rock 'n' Roll Circus 0:50/Dirty Mac Jam (Richards, Clapton, Lennon) 3:45/Yer Blues 4:02

Madison Square Garden, New York, 1969

Jumping Jack Flash 4:57/Satisfaction 5:25/Love In Vain 4:31/Honky Tonk Women 3:05/Street Fighting Man 4:28

Altamont Motor Speedway, Livermore, CA, December 6, 1969

Sympathy For The Devil 9:24/Under My Thumb 3:42/Gimme Shelter 2:06

Comment: Sources are the Rock 'n' Roll Circus TV Special and Gimme Shelter Movie.

"F_ck Yer Ya Ya's Out!"


Vinyl Gang Product

Comment: Later color edition (left) and original B&W photo cover from the "Gimme Shelter" GS-3 movie stills (right).

Jumping Jack Flash 5:13/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 5:48/Honky Tonk Women 3:46

"Live In Washington 1969 & More" a.k.a. "Live In Baltimore 1969 & More"

(ML 9637)

Moonlight Records

Little Queenie

"Gimme Shelter The Movie"

(STE 044)

Save The Earth

Jumping Jack Flash 4:50/I Can't Get No Satisfaction 5:32/Love In Vain 4:05/Honky Tonk Women 3:58 The Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter Rock 1969
Sympathy For The Devil 10:42/Under My Thumb 3:43/Gimme Shelter 2:04/I've Been Loving You Too Long 3:20/Six Days On The Road 2:34 (Gram Parsons)/The Other Side Of Life 4:14 (Jefferson Airplane)/Street Fighting Man 3:41

Comment: This was made from an LP with lots of "pops".

"Gimme Shelter"


Sam Cutler Introduction 0:54/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:59/Satisfaction 5:31/Honky Tonk Women 3:24/Carol (MSG 69-GS DVD) 3:29/Little Queenie (Vocal Overdub-GS DVD) 0:22/Little Queenie (MSG 69-GS DVD) 4:09/Prodigal Son (MSG 69-GS DVD) 2:43/I've Been Loving You Too Long (Ike & Tina Turner) 2:58/You Gotta Move (Muscle Shoals 12/69) 0:47/Wild Horses (Muscle Shoals 12/69) 2:47/Brown Sugar (Muscle Shoals 12/69) 1:22/Love In Vain 4:04/Street Fighting Man (Movie Edit) 3:20/Six Days On The Road (The Flying Burrito Brothers) 2:34/The Other Side Of Life (The Jefferson Airplane) 4:14/Sympathy For The Devil I & II 8:44/Under My Thumb 3:38/Gimme Shelter 2:03/Backstage Jam-Little Queen Of Spades (Jagger-Ike & Tina Turner-GS DVD) 4:56

The opening introductions to GYYYO have some of the most interesting stereo effects incorporated since "Their Satanic Majesties Request". The best way to evaluate what is being said is to set the balance control to either the right or left channel and listen carefully as there is a doubling and tripling of announcements on the individual channels. There is a combination of left and right channel ping-pong and simultaneous tripling that can have as many as six different pieces going at once!

The Opening Lines From "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out" Transcribed

Jagger's opening words:

"watch it"

This is an overdub.

Jumpin' Jack Flash Lyric

Analysis of the Spoken Words from Jumpin' Jack Flash to Carol

A. Spoken lines between Jumpin' Jack Flash and Carol from "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out":

Oh yeah thank you kindly

I think I busted a button on my trousers hope they don't fall down

You don't want my trousers to fall down now do you?

B. Spoken words before Carol MSG 11/27/69:

Line 1: Oh yeah thank you kindly

Line 2: I think I busted a button on my trousers hope they don't fall down

Line 3: It's that jumping around man I have to do it up again...whew

Line 4: You don't want my trousers to fall down now do you?

The spoken words on GYYYO are from MSG 11/27/69 (not necessarily the song!) with line 3 edited out.

C. "Gimme Shelter" Movie

Oh yeah thank you kindly

I think I busted a button on my trousers hope they don't fall down

It's that jumping around man I have to do it up again...whew

You don't want my trousers to fall down now do you?

Clearly taken from MSG 11/27/69 before the start of Carol and spliced in after Honky Tonk Women in the movie. This time unedited.

D. Even though Carol is not included in the "Gimme Shelter" movie the words spoken after Jumpin' Jack Flash would have normally preceded the song:

Line 1: Thank you

Line 2: Whoo baby, we're just gonna wake up

Line 3: Well all right

Line 4: Charlie's good tonight inny he

Line 5: I think you really, you really, dressed up tonight

Line 6: And I think, we'd like to see how you look

Line 7: Can we see how they look?

Line 8: Let's have a look how they look...c'mon

Line 9: Aaww we just wanted to see how they look

Line 10: Aaww we couldn't see you, we couldn't see you...

E. Spoken words before Carol from "Time Trip Volume 4" on Gold Standard (Scorpio).These are the unedited words from MSG 11/28/69 1st that precede the song:

a. Whoo Baby, were just gonna wake-up, yeap

b. We're gonna do now, we're gonna do now, a real old one for you

c. Which we hope you rock to

Conclusion: Lines 3 through 7 in Section D are spliced into "Gimme Shelter" at this point. Jagger would typically ask for the house lights before Little Quennie in '69, and these particular words were sliced-in from Oakland, November 9, 1969 2nd show! There is an edit to Line 6 in the Gimme Shelter Movie where they delete the line:

"we haven't really dressed-up that much but..."

The Maysles taped the "LIVEr" show, and possibly many other shows early in the tour. "Yeap" is edited out of line a. in "Gimme Shelter'. Lines 3 and 4 in Section IV are spoken just before Honky Tonk Women on "Ya-Ya's". Several "Well all rights" and drum rolls have been edited out of the movie and are included on GYYYO before Honky Tonk Women.

Carol Lyric

The spoken words "Thank you" between Carol and Stray Cat Blues are from MSG 11/27/69 just before Honky Tonk Women. This particular "Thank you" is distinguishable by it's nasal and accentuated intonation by Jagger.

Stray Cat Blues Lyric

The "well all right" between Stray Cat Blues and Love In Vain on GYYYO is a splice. The "well all rights" usually came before Honky Tonk Women, but this one is not the same as those that precede HTW on "Ya-Ya's from 11/28/69 1st. You can even hear the double picked strum in open G (G & d notes) that would normally begin HTW. I believe this is from 11/28/69 2nd, but there is a tape stop here on the audience source and no in-between words. It's not Baltimore 11/26/69, MSG 11/27/69, Palm Beach 11/30/69, or Altamont 12/6/69.

Love In Vain Lyric

Our first introduction to the "crowd mic." in the left channel.

Lady in the audience: " Jesus"

Interestingly enough, the audience tape of 11/28/69 2nd is near the audience mic. that was used for the recording of "Ya-Ya's"! Perhaps located near the soundboard. The crowd was "electric" that evening, the audience participation you hear during the song is absolutely for real.

The spoken words between Love In Vain and Midnight Rambler are from MSG 11/28/69 2nd show as follows:

Line 1: Thank You

Line 2: Ah well

Line 3: We're gonna do a new one for you

Line 4: Which you haven't received yet all right, and it's called Midnight Rambler

(The studio version from "Let It Bleed" was released in the US in November, 1969, so it may have been completely unknown to those who had not attended previous shows depending on the distribution of the LP at the time)

Line 5: Ooh ya, well I'm a talkin' 'bout the Midnight Rambler

Line 6: Everybody got to go

Lines 1 through 4 have been edited out of GYYYO.

Midnight Rambler Lyric

Background words spoken between Midnight Rambler and SFD on GYYYO:

Woman in the crowd: (left channel)

Keith...Paint It Black..Paint It Black

Jagger off-mic.: (right channel)

"I'm ready"

Woman in the crowd: (left channel)

Paint It Black you Devils...Do Paint It Black

She was in attendance at the MSG 11/28/69 2nd show performance.

Sympathy for the Devil Lyric

The in-between words spoken are as follows:

Well all right

You having a good time?

There is a tape stop before LWM on the 11/28/69 audience source, and these words were not spoken on 11/27/69, so it could be 11/28/69 1st or 2nd. Jagger asks the audience if they are having a good time before Satisfaction on 11/27/69, so this may be the point in the show where the lines were extracted from.

Live With Me Lyric

In between words from Live With Me to Little Queenie:

"Aw New York City your talkin' a lot...let's have a look at you".

These same lines are found in the opening words by Jagger in the "Gimme Shelter" movie just before Jumpin' Jack Flash. These spoken words like Jumpin' Jack Flash from "Gimme Shelter" are from 11/28/69 1st show. Additional words before and after this line have been edited out.

Little Queenie Lyric

The words between Little Queenie and Honky Tonk Women:

1. Well all right

2. Well all right

3. Well all right (Feedback)

4. Whoo

5. Well all right

6. Charlie's good tonight inny he

Lines 5 & 6 can also be heard in the Gimme Shelter movie in the Jagger chatter after Jumpin' Jack Flash. I can't conclusively deduce which show the words are from because 11/28/69 2nd has a tape stop in it, so it could precede Honky Tonk Women on either 11/28/69 1st or 2nd, but most likely 11/28/69 1st. It's definitely not 11/27/69.

Honky Tonk Women Lyric

The words between Honky Tonk Women and Street Fighting Man:

We're gonna do one more and we're gonna go - There is a lot of electronic noise present when the these spoken words come into the recording.

These words were not spoken on 11/27/69. There is a tape stop on 11/28/69 2nd, so it could be from 11/28/69 1st, 2nd, or even from Baltimore 11/26/69 since there is no SFM on this recording. I have a simpler explanation, the electronic noise was caused by a sloppy overdub.

Street Fighting Man Lyric

"Revelations From The Apple Acetate"


The "Gimme Shelter" Movie Sources

There are no spoken words before either version of Street Fighting Man in the movie. The first version is preceded by discussion with the late Melvin Belli on the issues with the Altamont locale. The second version is preceded by the details of the Meredith Hunter murder.

There are a few spoken words in the movie that have yet to be identified and they are after Honky Tonk Women and the trouser lines:

Line 1: Hello I got it back...yeah (The vocal dropped out during Honky Tonk Women)

Line 2: Come back to...We're gonna...We're gonna ahh

Line 3: We're gonna kiss you good-bye

Line 4: And we leave you, to kiss each other good-bye

Line 5: And, I can't you real..we're gonna see you..we're gonna see you

Line 6: We're gonna see you..we're gonna see you...again...all right

Line 7: Kiss each other good-bye, sleep, good night

These spoken words are taken from the fateful Altamont concert on 12/6/69 just before Street Fighting Man. Lines 1,2,5,6, and 7 have been edited out of the movie.

The first version of SFM that is heard in "Gimme Shelter" matches the exceptions listed to "Ya-Ya's" from MSG November 28, 1969, 2nd, including the "we gotta go's" in Instrumental Break #2. There is also a second version of the song in the movie, which is a fragment of Street Fighting Man. It's from Altamont, and is traceable by the "My, my,, my, my...ahh yeah" line during Instrumental Break #2. This matches the Altamont December 6, 1969, audience source.

Satisfaction Lyric

A Summary of Sources and Overdubs on "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!"

Opening words - Sam Cutler: MSG 11/27/69, 11/28/69 1st, and ?

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash: Music MSG 11/27/69, vocal overdubbed.

2. Carol: MSG 11/28/69 1st, Mick Taylor's guitar piece is possibly overdubbed.

3. Stray Cat Blues: Music Baltimore 11/26/69, vocals overdubbed. Two musical "markers" were identified. Missing Turnaround Verse #4 ("It's no hangin' mat-tar..."). A lessor possibility: 11/28/69 1st. This is noted due to the "Champaign Variation", which is a close approximation to "Ya-Ya's" lyrics, and therefore a possibility in a live '69 performance.

4. Love In Vain: Baltimore 11/26/69, no overdubs.

5. Midnight Rambler: MSG 11/28/69 2nd, no overdubs.

6. Sympathy for the Devil: MSG 11/28/69 1st. Verse #4 is edited out.

7. Live With Me: Music MSG 11/28/69 2nd, vocals overdubbed.

8. Little Queenie: Music MSG 11/28/69 1st, vocals overdubbed.

9. Honky Tonk Women: Music MSG 11/27/69, vocals overdubbed. Missing the "New York Verse", which would have been Verse #3 in a "Paris Verse" version of the song. Also missing the added chorus that would have separated the two verses.

10. Street Fighting Man: Music MSG 11/28/69 1st, vocals overdubbed. A lessor possibility: Music Baltimore 11/26/69, vocals overdubbed.

MSG '69 Tracks from the "Gimme Shelter" movie:

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash: MSG 11/28/69, 1st show.

2. Satisfaction: Hybrid/combination of MSG 11/28/69 1st and 11/28/69 2nd. Spliced at Line 10. Chorus #2 and Verse #2 have been edited out of the song.

3. Love In Vain: Baltimore 11/26/69. Verse #2 is edited out.

4. Honky Tonk Women: Hybrid/combination of MSG 11/27/69 and MSG 11/28/69 2nd. Spliced at Line 8.

5. Street Fighting Man: MSG 11/28/69, 2nd show. No overdubs.

Summary of "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!" Recording Information

"The Alternate Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!"

The possibilities for a reworked version of "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!" are enormous. The running time of GYYYO today is 47:38. The potential available time on CD format is around 80 minutes. With the longer block of contiguous medium, there is no longer the constraint of 23 minute sides, or the worries about a full side of grooves impairing the sound quality (in 1969). The potential of the digital medium has not been fully utilized sonically or in capacity. Imagine "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!" remastered from the original multi-tracks for CD sound. Two options for an upgraded track list will be presented. One is a comprised of alternate sources to the existing format, and the other is more radical and different:

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash - "Gimme Shelter" Movie version 3:33

2. Carol - Alternate Take from "Gimme Shelter" DVD bonus footage 3:29

3. Stray Cat Blues - From the Acetate, the "raw" mix 3:40

4. *Prodigal Son - Keith & Mick sitting on stools and playing and singing the Delta Blues together. Richards on a National Steel guitar. What a time capsule! From "A Shot Of Salvation" Oakland 1969 soundboard source 3:23

5. *You Gotta Move - From "A Shot Of Salvation" Oakland 1969 soundboard source (from a rare KSAN 95.5 radio broadcast "Roll Away The Stone") 2:23

6. Love In Vain - From "A Shot Of Salvation", the sound quality can't be compared 5:10

7. Midnight Rambler - From the MFSL LP source. Can't touch the sound quality 8:43

8. Sympathy for the Devil - Restore Verse #4. This is the most riveting verse of the song, and it's been missing for 28 years. Combine the first part of the "Ya-Ya" source with a spliced second part of the "Acetate" version 7:40

9. *Satisfaction: - "Gimme Shelter" Movie version. A great live performance of the classic hit single 5:48

10. Live With Me - From the Acetate, the "raw" mix 3:02

11. *Gimme Shelter - "Gimme Shelter" Movie version 2:05

12. Little Quennie - From the Video footage 4:08

13. Honky Tonk Women - "Gimme Shelter" Movie version 3:33

14. Street Fighting Man - From the Acetate, the "raw" mix 3:59

Running Time = 60:36

Added (*) songs to the original LP running order, and enhanced set list.

The album always seemed to loose a bit of steam after SFD in my opinion, which is an extremely tough act to follow. The intent here is to put more zip into the running order with the addition of Satisfaction at this point in the recording. This brings the total running time of the disc to around 65 minutes, including the restoration of the edited verses.

The Radical Reconfiguration. of "Ya-Ya's"

This proposal comes closer to achieving Jagger's desire to recreate the Rolling Stones 1969 concert experience, and it includes a running order of the songs that is based on the original set-lists of 1969. The development of the set list and song order for live performances is a very deliberate and thought-out process by the band, so this re-arrangement of the album is intended to recapture the feel of the live show as at was envisioned by the Stones in 1969.

CD 1:

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash: MSG 11/28/69 1st Show from "Gimme Shelter" - With the "yeah it's all right" chorus!

2. Carol

3. Sympathy for the Devil: Restore Verse #4

4. Stray Cat Blues: Keep the overdubbed vocal on this one, because it provides more continuity than other live in '69 versions could offer.

5. Love In Vain

6. Under My Thumb: Altamont 12/6/69

7. Midnight Rambler

8. Live With Me

9. Little Quennie: Use the version from 11/27/69 without the vocal overdub. It's just not necessary.

10. Satisfaction: MSG 11/28/69 2nd: Restore Verse #2

11. Honky Tonk Women: Replace the original with the 11/28/69 2nd - 11/27/69 hybrid version from "Gimme Shelter". The overdubbed version from the album is too slick in my opinion. Keep the splice because of all the feedback in the first section of HTW from 11/27/69.

12. Street Fighting Man: The MSG 11/28/69 2nd version from "Gimme Shelter with the syncopated rhythm on Instrumental Break #2 is really something. It replaces the "Ya-Ya's" original.

Jagger's vision of taking the listener back to the show included releasing "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!" as a two LP set. His idea was to include the music of supporting acts; The Ike & Tina Turner Revue and B.B. King on a second LP. Decca according to Jagger didn't know who they were. The following is quoted from "The Rolling Stones an illustrated record by Roy Carr", 1976:

"Decca weren't interested. Who is B.B. King? Who are these people they asked - they just didn't know who these acts were! So in the end I gave it all up 'cause it just wasn't worth carrying on with it."

Interestingly enough he had possession of a test pressing of the second disc from the proposed double, and had the following to say about it (also from The Rolling Stones an illustrated record by Roy Carr", 1976):

Jagger: "I've still got that part of the album at home and it's good"

"Record Collector" magazine has written on a couple of occasions about the test pressings including the auction of a set in 1985. The following is from "Record Collector" December, 1991:

"Apple acetates of this original project were pressed, and offer an illuminating glimpse of the Stones set before it was mixed properly"

The song list for The Ike & Tina Turner Revue tracks are:

Sweet Soul Music/Son Of A Preacher Man/Proud Mary/I've Been Loving You Too Long/Come Together/Land Of A Thousand Dances

The reconfigured GYYYO would also include the release of a second disc as it was originally intended:

CD 2:

The complete performance sets of The Ike & Tina Turner Revue and B.B. King as the opening acts from 1969 shows!

The package would also include a 32 page booklet with loads of unpublished photos from the 1969 tour. Shots would range from the rehearsal site at Steven Stills home in Laurel Canyon to Hendrix playing Taylor's SG backstage at MSG! Perhaps we could have both packages with the 2 CD version issued as a limited box set!

Maybe Mr. Klein and Mr. Jagger can find common ground for this project. For Klein it would mean new revenues. For Jagger it would mean an updated and enhanced representation of live Rolling Stones captured during his favorite tour. This music already belongs to Klein, so there won't be the hassles about re-recording songs from the sixties catalog that killed every project for a live record during the Mick Taylor years. A strange and terrible irony for Taylor who's later live performances with The Rolling Stones would even eclipse the great playing at MSG and Baltimore in November, 1969.

This research has been an incredible adventure. I had no idea exactly where it would go, but I hear "Ya-Ya's" in a different way now. It's not that I like the record any less, particularly since discovering the extent of the vocal overdubbing, but some of the myth and mystery of the recording has been dispelled, and the whole album has come into focus. The overdubbing in at least two cases of perfectly adequate vocals points to the perfection that the band was into at the time, which was something that recording engineer Glyn Johns has commented on in a couple of occasions. He felt it was carried out almost to a fault with the large number of song takes in the studio. Live performances are spontaneous and impromptu, so a changed word or some feedback is expected, and only adds to the ambiance of the live experience. I've learned to never take the potential for the band's attention to detail for granted. It is nothing short of meticulous. I would guess that Jagger has a much greater command of the recording details than he lets on. Taking every morsel of information from different media and sources, particularly "Gimme Shelter" was critical in making even this much progress on identifying the recording information. One song still has me thinking, and it's Sympathy for the Devil. I have an analysis of this song that combines two different shows, but the markers are "soft". It also includes instrumental overdubbing that just hasn't been detected along the way, so I'll stick with the original 11/28/69 1st conclusion until new puzzle pieces come into place.

This is as far as I can take it. Hopefully, more light has been shed on this great music. Certainly, more can now be said for the tracks that have simply been identified as 11/27/69 & 11/28/69 over the years.

All "Stoned - M.S.G." & "Revelations From The Apple Acetate" postings are Copyright 1996 - 2009 by Chris M. This work and the results of this research are intended for personal use only. It is not to be reposted or published without prior written consent by the author. All rights reserved. This research is dedicated to Mick Taylor.

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