Revelations On The Rolling Stones

by Chris M.
Updated: December 6, 2014

Research and articles of special interest on The Rolling Stones. The focus is primarily the music of The Rolling Stones with assorted information about the life and times of the band when applicable.

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Revision History (Last 10 Updates):

December 6, 2014: It was 45 years ago today: "Classic Live Performances" / "The Legend of Altamont 1969" - Love In Vain

November 24, 2012: Keith's "Moment Of Fire" US Tour 1972 at: Gem Stones: The Lost Treasure

December 9, 2011: All new scans, additional information, and 13 additional titles added to: "Solo Efforts" / "Musings On Mick Taylor" / "Mick Taylor Session Man on CD"

November 26, 2011: Analysis, History, & Commentary on "Some Girls" Bonus Tracks at: "Lost Recording Sessions" / "Underground Stones: Unreleased Music of the Rolling Stones" / "Some Girls Sessions"

November 20, 2011: Complete analysis of the officially authorized "Brussels Affair" at: "Classic Live Performances" / "Bedspring Symphony: The Brussels '73 Story"

November 18, 2011: A "progress report" on research for the Stones "official" release of Live 1973 "Brussels Affair" at: "Classic Live Performances" / "Bedspring Symphony: The Brussels '73 Story"

November 17, 2011: Stones "officially release" "Brussels Affair" Live from 1973 to the web as a download !
See: "Classic Live Performances" / "Bedspring Symphony: The Brussels '73 Story" for the history and significance of this great performance.
From the original multi-track masters recorded by Andy Johns on the Rolling Stones MRU. Remixed by Bob "8:36 Miss You" Clearmountain.
Check for additional information.
Watch for updates and analysis of this new recording.

November 27, 2010: "In Through The Outtakes": Fourteen recent CD releases of unreleased Stones songs reviewed at "Collector's Corner" / "Collector's News" / "Unauthorized Recordings"

December 6, 2009: New page posted at "Classic Live Performances" / "The Legend Of Altamont 1969"

November 27, 2009: Latest installment of "Classic Live Performances" / 'Rolling Stones Storm America - US Tour 1969" - Altamont '69, Glyn Johns' Apple Acetate, & Gimme Shelter

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