The Brussels Baseline

The Wembley/Brussels broadcast was known for some time simply as Europe '73, and it has also been described as Munich '73. In recent years recordings have surfaced that identify the sources of this excellent performance and include both CD releases and audience tapes. The following list of recordings provides a basis for reference sources as LP and CD tracks are listed in future sections. Additionally, it provides a progression of releases that ultimately result in an entire broadcast quality show of the Brussels performance (less Star Star):

"Nasty Muzik"


Vinyl Gang Product

Empire Pool, Wembley, UK, September 9, 1973

Sound Quality: Fair to Good Audience

CD 1: Brown Sugar 3:55/Gimme Shelter 5:58/Happy 3:06/Tumbling Dice 5:17 (Ain't Security Show Version)/Star Star 4:26/Angie 5:07/You Can't Always Get What You Want 9:50/Dancing With Mr.D 4:23/Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 5:07/Midnight Rambler 13:33/Honky Tonk Women 3:15/All Down The Line 4:16/Rip This Joint 2:09/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:38/Street Fighting Man 5:36

Forest National, Brussels, Belgium, October 17, 1973

Sound Quality: Good Audience

CD 2: Brown Sugar 3:51/Gimme Shelter 5:44/Happy 3:14/Tumbling Dice 5:09/Star Star 4:22/Dancing With Mr. D 4:40/Angie 4:50/You Can't Always Get What You Want 10:49/Midnight Rambler 13:03/Honky Tonk Women 3:03/All Down The Line 3:49/Rip This Joint 2:03/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:13/Street Fighting Man 5:02

Comment: The text book and benchmark for complete audience references to desiphering "Bedspring Symphony" tracks!

"Come Back London '73"


Alley Cat Records

Also released as:

"Comeback To England 1973"


Trade Mark Of Quality CD

Brown Sugar 4:21/Gimme Shelter 5:57/Happy 3:04/Tumbling Dice 5:15/Star Star 4:26/Angie 5:03/You Can't Always Get What You Want 9:32/Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 5:27/Midnight Rambler 12:59/Honky Tonk Women 3:11/All Down The Line 4:04/Rip This Joint 2:05/Jumpin' Jack Flash 4:14/Street Fighting Man 5:07

Note that this show is a combination of September 8 (2nd Show) and 9, 1973 performances. This is used as a basis for distinguishing the Wembley tracks from the Brussels tracks. The cover photo of this CD can be seen on page 196 of "The Rolling Stones" by Robert Palmer, 1983. This series focuses on Brussels, but there is something notable in this set. Tumbling Dice features the biggest disruption in a Stones song since Altamont. Jagger gets very angered over the security people at the show. To paraphrase:

"Hey Mr. Commissioner...Hey you...Hey You ..Hey baby..Hey man..Get out of there...Hey you sergeant...We don't need you baby.... Just one thing I'd like to say to the security guards...It's your show and it's our show, and it ain't the security show, all right".

"The Rolling Stones" DIR Broadcasting (18 F 0200 A). Radio station distribution. The missing link for the lost Gimme Shelter and Happy tracks from Brussels not aired on the original broadcast. The radio announcer incorrectly introduces the songs as "Live in '75". The broadcast date is September, 1987, so the old LP's won't have these versions on them.

"A Brussels Affair" Chameleon Records. The Brussels baseline. This recording represents a compilation of all the Brussels broadcast tracks except for Street Fighting Man and excluding Heartbreaker, which are Wembley. It incorporates the Brussels versions of Gimme Shelter and Happy from the "The Rolling Stones" DIR CD listed above.

"Brussles Affair 1973"

(CHAM 8812)

Chamelion Records

Brown Sugar 3:17/Happy 3:10/Gimme Shelter 5:22/Tumbling Dice 4:49/(Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo) Heartbreaker 5:07/Dancing With Mr D 4:2/Angie 4:36/You Can't Always Get What You Want 10:53/Honky Tonk Women 3:04/Midnight Rambler 12:48/All Down The Line 3:42/Rip This Joint 2:05/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:13/Street Fighting Man 5:22

"Nasty Remixes"

(SODD 012)

Vinyl Gang Product

Brown Sugar 3:39/Gimme Shelter 5:38/Happy 3:11/Tumbling Dice 5:04/Dancing With Mr. D 4:37/Star Star 4:13/Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 5:11/Angie 4:36/Honky Tonk Women 3:31/Midnight Rambler (Edit Version) 9:00/Rip This Joint 2:02/Jumping Jack Flash 3:15/Street Fighting Man (Wembley, London, September 9, 1973) 5:52/Brown Sugar (Rotterdam Oct. 14, 1973) 3:20/Street Fighting Man (Brussels, October 17, 1973) 4:51

This recording contains the lost Street Fighting Man track from Brussels

"The Lost Brussels"


Vinyl Gang Product

Brown Sugar 3:39/Gimme Shelter 5:38/Happy 3:11/Tumbling Dice 5:04/Dancing With Mr. D. 4:25/Angie 4:28/You Can't Always Get What You Want 10:51/Midnight Rambler 12:47/Honky Tonk Women 3:03/All Down The Line 3:34/Rip This Joint 2:01/Jumpin' Jack Flash 3:14/Street Fighting Man 4:56/Star Star 4:30

This title is an accumilation and compilation from the above sources that produces all of the Brussels sources in one neat package in the quality that we have come to expect for this performance.


"Welcome To New York"


The Swingin' Pig

The New York 7/26/72 baseline. This is referenced because several Brussels releases combine songs from this performance. The intent is clearly to combine two high quality sources, and performances into a single package. They really don't mix though, because New York lacks any sort of audience track.

Track list:

All Down The Line/You Can't Always Get What You Want/Midnight Rambler/Bye Bye Johnny/Rip This Joint/Love In Vain/Sweet Virginia/Jumpin' Jack Flash

New York 7/26/72 sources will be preceded by a >

Track listings are useful in placing the general dates of shows. Love In Vain and Bye Bye Johnny were not played on the European '73 tour for example. Sweet Virginia was only played at Vienna and Mannheim during Europe 1973.

"Jean-Clarke Mammorial Sonic Barbecue"

(TAKRL 1919 A/B)

The Amazing Kornyphone Record Label

To confuse things further songs from the following performances have been mixed into a Brussels LP release that will be listed later.


+ denotes Hamburg, Germany (second show) on 10/2/73

++ denotes Essen, Germany on 10/10/73

Track List:

Side A: + Gimme Shelter/ ++ Happy/ ++ Tumbling Dice/ + Star Star/ + Heartbreaker/Dick Cavett Interview '72/ > Sweet Virginia

Side B: ++ Dancing With Mr. D/ ++ Angie/ ++ You Can't Always Get What You Want/Dick Cavett Interview '72/All Down The Line (7" studio version)

This recording is also found on "Stars In The Sky They Never Lie" on the King Kong label, and also the Caution record label. With black and white and color covers respectively. The "Stars" cover is a life size Jagger cardboard stand-up that is taken from the photo seen on page 97 of "The Rolling Stones Album" by Geoffrey Giuliano and Chris Eborn, and it has been placed into the window of a house. The "Stars" releases are minus the interviews and Sweet Virginia/All Down The Line.

More details on the Brussels recordings referenced here in a later section.

The first track listing in Section I is the baseline for the Brussels sequence of songs. It changes wildly on the different releases, so the in-between track talk of Jagger is not very helpful in this case because there has been so much editing and splicing. The following section will identify the musical "markers" of the songs where both Wembley and Brussels sources exist by identifying Jagger's unique random words during the songs:


Wembley version:

Jagger says: "Shake it down" just before the closing bars of the song.

Brussels version:

Jagger says: "Take it on home" just before the closing bars of the song.

Dancing With Mr. D

Wembley version:

Jagger says: "come on my man" just before the guitar solo.

Brussels version:

Jagger says: A faint "yeah" just before, and at the beginning of the guitar solo.

Gimme Shelter

Wembley version:

Jagger says: "Yeah baby" at the start of the guitar solo.

Brussels version:

Jagger says "Yeah" at the start of, and during the solo. When Jagger talks-over a solo it means that it is getting longer than he would like. Listen closely for this on "Start Me Up" from the MTV 1994 broadcast. Jagger says "hey....come on" during the solo and they nearly miss the whole ending of the song when Jagger cuts it off. Please note Mr. Wood.

Street Fighting Man

Wembley version:

Listen for Jagger's captivating 3 shrieks near the end of the song.

Brussels version - This version is rare, but for consistency sake:

The song starts on Charlie's drum beat. Jagger says "get down" before the final guitar solo. There is a thick "wah" effect at the beginning of the solo, and from there it goes over the deep end. Jagger closes with "Au revoir.....Merci".

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