Underground Faces

When Ron was in The Faces; He was Keith Richards...

"Strawberry Pop: The Faces w/ Ronnie Wood"


Hiwatt Records

Sound Quality: Excellent Mono Soundboard!

Performance: Energetic & Bloody Sloppy

Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Strawberry Mountain Pop Festival, May 1970

You're My Girl 7:13/Flying 4:47/Three Button Hand Me Down 4:36/Wicked Messenger 4:05/Devotion 9:23

Sound Quality: Very Good Audience

Santa Clara, California, County Fair Grounds, March 3, 1971
You're My Girl 9:33/I Want To Be Loved 6:46/Maybe I'm Amazed 5:23/It's All Over Now 7:27/Love In Vain 6:40/Plynth 6:41/An Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down 2:37/Gasoline Alley 1:43

"A Rock 'n' Roll Party With The Faces"


Deep Six Records

Filmore West, San Francisco, San Francisco, California, October 28, 1970 1st & 2nd Show

CD 1: Devotion/Your My Girl/Wicked Messenger/Country Comforts/Flying/I Want To Be Loved/Cut Across Shorty/Maybe I'm Amazed/Flying/Around The Plynth/Gasoline Alley/Love In Vain/It's All Over Now

CD 2: Maybe I'm Amazed/Around The Plynth/Honky Tonk Women/Gasoline Alley Medley/Love In Vain/Three Button Hand Me Down/It's All Over Now/Feel So Good/Blues Deluxe

Comments: Super fold-out packaging, Gold CD's, & picture liners. Labor of love.

"Fillmore West 1970 Off Master"


Filmore West, San Francisco, October 28, 1970

Sound Quality: Very Good Audience

CD 1: Introduction 0:38/Devotion 5:50/You're My Girl 7:46/Wicked Messenger 4:27/Country Comfort 5:33 The Faces 1970.10.28 - San Francisco Rock 1970
Flying 4:25/Too Much Woman 5:28/Cut Across Shorty 5:59

CD 2: Chit-Chat 0:22/Maybe I'm Amazed 6:27/Around The Plynth 5:49/Country Honk 1:37/Gasoline Alley 1:40/Around The Plynth 6:38/Love In Vain 7:17/Three Button Hand Me Down 9:24/It's All Over Now 8:28/I Feel So Good 11:16/Blues Deluxe 7:08

"faces. marvelous"


Historical Pirates

Filmore West, San Francisco, October 28, 1970

Sound Quality: Very Good Audience

CD 2: Maybe I'm Amazed 6:44/Around The Plynth 5:35/Country Honk 1:54/Gasoline Alley 8:23/Love In Vain 7:21/Three Button Hand Me Down 9:29/It's All Over Now 8:31/Feel So Good 11:24/Blues Deluxe 7:15

Comment: Same gig as the above CD "Off Master" but with a bit more gain and sharpness in the sound. A matter of taste really, but I prefer the sound here.

Rod Stewart & Faces "Plynth"

(SF 506 A/B)

Trade Mark of Quality

Fluorescent pink vinyl, says "Made in Holland"

Rod Stewart & Faces "Plynth"


Contra Band Music Reissue of the Original TMoQ LP

Santa Monica, Civic Auditorium, October 30, 1970

Side 1: Introductions: "The Small Faces"/Wicked Messenger/Flying/Too Much Women For A Henpecked Man/Love In Vain/You're My Girl

Side 2: Country Comforts/Medley: Around The Plynth-Honky Tonk Women-Gasoline Alley/Around The Plynth (Reprise)/It's All Over Now


World Production of Compact Music

Santa Monica, Civic Auditorium, October 30, 1970

This CD was made from the classic Trade Mark of Quality LP "Plynth"

"Small Faces Featuring Rod Stewart•That's Evil"


Boston Tea Party, March 27, 1970 & Miami, November 2, 1970

Wicked Messenger/Shake, Shudder, Shiver/Devotion/That's Evil/Flying/Nobody Knows/Pineapple And The Monkey/Plynth/You're My Girl/I Want To Be Loved

Maybe I'm Amazed/Country Comforts/Cut Across Shorty/Gasoline Alley

"To Thank You All...We'll Drink These Fish Under The Table"


Pirate's World, Miami, Florida November 2, 1970

You're My Girl\I Want To Be Loved\Maybe I'm Amazed\Country Comforts\Flying\Cut Across Shorty\Around the Plynth\An Old Raincoat\Gasoline Alley\It's All Over Now\Feel So Good

Promo EP & 7"s: First Step\3 Button Hand Me Down\Oh Lord, I'm Browned Off\Rear Wheel Skid

"Shake, Shudder, Shiver"

Gold Standard

BBC Radio, March 5+, March 28*, & September 19#, 1970

Flying+\Three Button Hand Me Down+\Wicked Messenger+(w/Announcer & Fan John Peel)\Shake, Shudder, Shiver*\Pineapple and the Monkey*\Real Good Time#\Plynth-Gasoline Alley#\Country Comfort#\You're My Girl\Wicked Messenger\Devotion\It's All Over Now\Feel So Good

"Ron Wood - Around The Fillmore"


Limited Discs

Fillmore East, New York, New York, February 17, 1971

Sound Quality: Good Audience

Sweet Lady Mary 5:39/You're My Girl 7:25/I Want To Be Loved 5:48/Maybe I'm Amazed 4:50/It's All Over Now 6:33/I'm Losing You 5:39/Love In Vain 5:37/Around The Plynth 3:15/An Old Raincoat Want Ever Let You Down 2:11/Gasoline Alley 1:35/Around The Plynth (resprise) 3:14 /Three Button Hand Me Down 1:52/Country Comfort 4:42

"Sacramento 1971"


Masterport - 191

Sacramento, California, March 13, 1971

Sound Quality: Good Audience

It's All Over Now (Partial) 0:48/I'm Losing You 7:01/Love In Vain 6:41/Around The Plynth 6:07/An Old Raincoat Won't Let You Down 2:09/Stay With Me 2:54/Richmond 1:20/Gasoline Alley-Around The Plynth 5:52/I Feel So Good 10:19

"Five Guys Walk Into An Arena"


Nanogastric Productions

San Diego, California, March 18, 1971

Sound Quality: Very Good Audience. Nice audience recording if you can get into that.

You're My Girl 8:37/I Want To Be Loved-Street Fighting Man 6:19/Maybe I'm Amazed 5:19/It's All Over Now 6:46/I'm Losing You 7:15/Love In Vain 7:11/Around The Plynth-Six Button Hand Me Down-Gasoline Alley 15:12/I Feel So Good 8:52

Comment: First release of this show on CD featuring Ronnie Wood. Of course, Wood was in his element with the Faces and was able to properly express himself as an artist in this band IMHO.

"Shake It On Down For Top Gear"


Hiwatt Records Gold CD

BBC "Sunday Concert" May 13, 1971, BBC "Top Gear" September 28, 1971, and BBC "Sound Of The Seventies" April 20, 1971

Sound Quality: Excellent Broadcast

Richmond/Bad 'n Ruin/Three Button Hand Me Down/Maybe I'm Amazed/I Want To Be Loved/Miss Judy's Farm/Love In Vain/Stay With Me/I'm losing You/Stay With Me/Miss Judy's Farm/Plynth-Gasoline Alley/Maggie May/Oh Lord, I'm Browned Off

"That's All You Need"


Scorpio Gold CD

BBC Broadcasts, 1971 - 1972

Three Button Hand Me Down\Miss Judy's Farm\Memphis\Too Bad\Last Orders Please\Devotion\That's All You Need-Honky Tonk Women-Gasoline Alley\I'm Losing You\Stay With Me\Had Me A Real Good Time

Encore: Around The Plynth-Gasoline Alley\Maggie Mae

"Tell Me A Story"


TNT Studio

Tampa Stadium, Florida April 30, 1972

It's All Over Now \Miss Judy's Farm \Maybe I'm Amazed \Too Bad \Memphis \Love In Vain\Stay With Me \That's All You Need/Gasoline Alley/I Feel So Good

"Killer High-Lights 1972-1973"



Paris Theater BBC Broadcasts, 1972 & 1973

Had Me A Real Good Time\Maybe I'm Amazed\Love In Vain\Jealous Guy\Cut Across Shorty\Bad 'n Ruin\It's All Over Now\Memphis\If I'm On The Late Side\It's My Fault\Stealer\Borstal Boys\Too Bad\I'm Losing You

"The Faces (w/Ronnie Wood): Too Drunk For The BBC"


Paris Theater, London, UK, February 8, 1973

Sound Quality: Very Good to Excellent "BBC In Concert" Broadcast

Silicone Grown 2:54/Cindy Incidentally 2:45/Angel (Uhm Ron, the guitar is sounding slightly out of tune here) 4:39/Memphis Tennessee 4:11/True Blue 4:25/I'd Rather Go Blind 5:15/You're My Girl (I Don't Want To Discuss It) 5:27/Twistin' The Night Away 4:30/It's All Over Now 3:48/Miss Judy's Farm 4:03/Maybe I'm Amazed 5:24/Three Button Hand Me Down 5:17/I'm Losing You 6:25

Comment: Story is that The Faces were sounding a bit too drunk and the show was not originally broadcast, and then only in error on January 2003 on BBC6 digital.

"That's All You Need"


Oh Boy Records

"Honky Tonk Men"


Bell Bottom Records

"Cindy Incidentally"


Oil Well

The most phenomenal Faces recording ever made!

BBC Broadcast April 5, 1973

Miss Judy's Farm \Too Bad \That's All You Need/Honky Tonk Women \Stay With Me \Memphis \True Blue \Twistin' The Night Away \I Don't Want to Discuss It(You're My Girl)\Cut Across Shorty \Bad And Ruin\It's All Over Now \Had Me A Real Good Time \I'm Losing You

Rod Stewart & Faces "Had Me A Real Good Time"


Trade Mark of Quality

Pink Vinyl with Large 1/2 Record Labels

BBC Broadcast April 5, 1973 (See Above CD Releases)

I Don't Want to Discuss It(You're My Girl)/Cut Across Shorty/Love In Vain*/Bad 'n Ruin/It's All Over Now/Had Me A Real Good Time /I'm Losing You

* Note that Love In Vain is not included in CD compilations.



Oil Well

BBC Broadcast April 5, 1973

Silicone Grown\Cindy Incidently\Memphis\If I'm On The Late Side\My Fault\The Stealor\Borstal Boy\Angel\Stay With Me\True Blue\Twistin' The Night Away\Miss Judy's Farm\Too Bad

"Faces Party Hogs"


Roaring Mouse Records

Inlay says Edmonton Canada 1973, but no Canadian gigs by the Faces in '73. So Edmonton Sundown, London : June 1, 3, or 4, 1973. Stewart addresses an "Edmonton" audience and also says last night or the night before, that would place the show at June 4, 1973.

Sound Quality: Very Good - Excellent Audience. Great Performance.

Introduction/Cindy Incidently/Angel/True Blue/I'd Rather Go Blind/Jealous Guy/You Wear It Well/Maggie May/Borstal Boys/Twisin' The Night Away/Memphis/Until We Meet Again

"Boston Tea Party"


Deep Six Records

Boston Tea Party, October 5, 1970

Wicked Messenger \Shake \Devotion \Evil \Flying \Nobody Knows \Pineapple And The Monkey \Plynth \It's All Over Now

Anaheim Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, October 16, 1973

Cut Across Shorty \Too Bad \Every Picture Tells A Story \I'm Losing You \Angel \Stay With Me

"Every Story Tells A Picture"

(PHC 02)

Anaheim Convention Center & Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California, October 16, 1973

Rearrangement of the commercial LP "Coast to Coast Overture and Beginners"

Made from a "clean" vinyl source

Stay With Me/I Wish It Would Rain/It's All Over Now/Too Bad-Ever Picture Tells A Story/Angel/Jealous Guy/I'd Rather Go Blind/Cut Across Shorty/Borstal Boy-Amazing Grace

"Such A Gentle Soul"


Vintage Masters

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, October 17, 1973

Sound Quality: Excellent Soundboard

Introduction 0:53/It's All Over Now 4:49/Cut Across Shorty 3:53/Too Bad-Every Picture Tells A Story 7:49/Angel 4:31/Stay With Me 5:11/I Wish It Would Rain 4:50 /I'd Rather Go Blind 5:59/Borstal Boys-Dark Was The Night/Powis Square-Amazing Grace (Medley) 13:30/Jealous Guy 4:42/I'm Losing You 7:09

Comment: Contains all of the musical content of the commercial release "Coast to Coast: Overture and Beginners" with the addtion of I'm Losing You and an extended unedited version of Borstal Boys (13:30 vs. 9:56). The official CD version of this well known 1973 LP is very hard to find. It was a limited Mercury/PolyGram release made in W. Germany (order number 832 128-2). Also previously released on the unauthorized "Every Picture Tells A Story" CD. Maybe the Faces should upgrade the original live release as this CD has if they are planning a rumoured tour...

"Live At Randwick Racecourse"


Weeping Goat

Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, Australia, February 1, 1974

Sound Quality: Fair-Good Audience

It's All Over Now 4:22/I'm Losing You 3:29/Angel 4:49/True Blue 3:26/Stay With Me 5:13/I'd Rather Go Blind 4:52/Memphis Tennessee 4:00/My Fault 3:10/Too Bad-Every Picture Tells A Story 10:25/You Wear It Well 3:31/Maggie Mae 6:03/I Wish It Would Rain 5:08/Borstal Boys 2:08/Around The Plynth-Gasoline Alley-Amazing Grace-Borstal Boys 8:49/Twistin' The Night Away 4:29

"Drunkard Angels"

Reel Master Box Set

Boudokan, Tokyo, February 20, 1974

CD 1: The Stripper Opening /It's All Over Now /I'm Losing You /Angel /True Blue /Stay With Me/I'd Rather Go Blind/Memphis/Too Bad/Every Picture Tells A Story/My Fault - Ronnie Wood on vocal/I Wish It Would Rain

CD 2: Jealous Guy/You Wear It Well-Maggie May

Borstal Boy-Around The Plynth-Amazing Grace-Gasoline Alley-Borstal Boy (reprise)

Twistin' The Night Away/Pool Hall Richard

"Pool Hall Richard"

(1974 JUDO)

Boudokan, Tokyo, February, 1974

CD 1:

The Stripper Opening /It's All Over Now /I'm Losing You /Angel /True Blue /Stay With Me/I'd Rather Go Blind/Memphis/My Fault - Ronnie Wood on vocal/You Wear It Well/Maggie Mae

I Wish It Would Rain

Borstal Boy/Around The Plynth/Amazing Grace/Gasoline Alley/Borstal Boy (reprise)

Twistin' The Night Away/We'll Meet Again

Pool Hall Richard

"Real Good Time"


The Swingin' Pig

"Live & Alive"

(imt CD 900.002)


"Maggie Mae"


Oil Well

"Stay With Me"

(CD 7506)

These Four Titles All, Detroit, 1974

I'm Losing You/Bring It On Home/Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller/Fly In The Ointment/Maggie Mae/Every Picture Tells A Story/Stay With Me/Motherless Child/Gasoline Alley/Maggie Mae/Twistin' The Night Away

"Keith Faces THE FACES"


Monkey Man #20

Kilburn State Gaumont Theater, December 23, 1974

It's All Over Now/Take A Look At The Guy/Bring It On Home-You Send Me/Sweet Little Rock 'n Roller/I'd Rather Go Blind/Angel/I Can Feel The Fire/You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything/Twistin' The Night Away/Your Wear It Well-Maggie Mae/We'll Meet Again

"Take A Look At The Five Guys"

(VM 006)

Vintage Masters

Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino, California, March 7, 1975

Sound Quality: Excellent Stereo Soundboard. Perfect. Fantastic.

Performance: Spot on, really, despite all the medleys.

Take A Look At The Guy 4:56/(I Know) I'm Losing You 7:37/Bring It On Home To Me 4:55/Sweet Rock 'n' Roller 5:25/I'd Rather Go Blind 6:49/Too Bad-Every Picture Tells A Story 7:47/Angel 4:15/Medley: Stay With Me- Powis Square/Dark Was The Night (Ry Cooder) - Available Space (Leo Kottke) - Gasoline Alley 12:56/I Can Feel The Fire 5:33/Medley: You Wear It Well-Maggie May 9:38/Twistin' The Night Away 8:36

Comment: If you really wanna hear Ronnie play then you gotta listen to live Faces, 'cause the guy was in his element as a musician and artist.

"The Big Easy"


Scorpio Records

New Orleans, Louisiana, September 23, 1975

The Stripper Opening/Memphis/It's All Over Now/Three Time Loser/Miss Judy's Farm/I'd Rather Go Blind/Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller/I'm Losing You/Big Bayou/Angel/Bring It On Home To Me/You Send Me/You Wear It Well/Maggie Mae/Stay With Me/Twistin' The Night Away

"Faces Loose Fetters"


The Polar Bear Records

Nassau Colliseum, New York October 12, 1975

It's All Over Now/Take A Look At The Guy/Bring It On Home To Me-You Send Me/Sweet Little Rock and Roller/I'd Rather Go Blind/Angel/I Can Feel The Fire/You Can Make Sing, Dance, or Anything/Twistin' The Night Away/You Wear It Well-Maggie May/Until We Meet Again

Bonus Tracks: As Long As You Tell Him/Dishevelment Blues(NME '73 Flexi)

"Twistin' The Night At Nassau"


Midnight Dreamer

Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, October 12, 1975

Sound Quality: Fair to Good Audience

CDR 1: Introduction - The Stripper 2:19/Memphis Tennessee 4:09/It's All Over Now 4:34/Three Time Loser 4:32/Miss Judy's Farm 4:18/I'd Rather Go Blind 8:05/Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller 7:41/I'm Losing You 9:55

CDR 2: Big Bayou (Ron Wood on Vocal) 4:32/Angel 4:55/Bring It On Home To Me - You Send Me 5:22/You Wear It Well 3:42/Maggie Mae 6:15/Stay With Me 4:41/Twistin' The Night Away 7:08/Audience Participation 0:16/Wee Wee Baby 4:00/Twistin' The Night Away (Reprise) 1:48/Clapping Outro 1:31

Comment: For completist only.

Studio Outtakes

"Ooh La La Demos"


No Label

I'll Let You Know (Instrumental - Compass Point Studio, Nassau, Jan.-Feb., 1979: Rolling Stones!)/Fly In The Ointment/Just Another Honky/My Fault (Early vocal run-through)/Flags And Banners/Ooh La La (Instrumental version)/Glad And Sorry/Silicone Grown - Different early vocal/Cindy Incidently/If I'm On The Late Side/Borstal Boys - No car horns!/Skewiff (Mend The Fuse - Instrumental - On single only)/I Understand (Ronnie Lane Demo)/Instrumental (Studio jam)/You Can Make Me Dance/My Fault (Live, 1974 - Ronnie Wood on vocal!)

"Last Step"



See above outtakes, clearer sound on these...

My Fault/Flags And Banners/Ooh La La/Glad And Sorry/Silicone Grown/Cindy Incidently/If I'm On The Late Side/Borstal Boys/Just Another Honky/As Long As You Tell Him -Found on single only, b/w You Can Make Me Dance Sing or Anything/You Can Make Me Dance Sing or Anything - From single, Warner 1974/Pool Hall Richard - From single, b/w I Wish It Would Rain (Live) (Now on Rhino CD. Let It Rock!)/I Can Feel The Fire/You Can Make Me Dance Sing or Anything/You Wear It Well/Take A Look At The Guy /Jodie - From single, b/w Oh No Not My Baby. Also now on CD "The Best of Rod Stewart" Mercury/I Wish It Would Rain - From the LP "Coast to Coast Overture and Beginners"/True Blue - BBC 1973 Broadcast/The Stealor (Partial)

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